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Our Finishes

Available Finishes

  • Water Repellent
  • Stain Master
  • Fire Retardant
  • Hand Builder
  • Hand Softener - Latex Backing (coating)

Available Finishing Process Machinery

  • Tenter Frame: Used to apply our water repellent, fire retardant, and stain master, as well as achieving the specified width. Finish is heat set, then cured in our curing oven at the end of our tenter frame.
  • Sander: Our sander, made by Lafer-spa, uses sandpaper attached to many small rollers, arranged in a shere that physically sands the cloth to set tolerances, controlled by its on-board CPU, as specified by our customers.
  • Turbang: Our Turbang is, in laymen's terms, a big tumble dryer. This machine is used to give fabric the broken-in feeling fabric gets when it's tumble dryed. We can achieve soft, fluffy hands, while applying any of our finishes.
  • Bleach Range: With our custom-designed prep range, we are able to take a roll of fabric from the greige-good state to a bleached & desized, ready to be dyed state.
  • Sanforizer: We use our Cibitex sanforizer to achieve a controlled amount of shrinkage, through the process of heat-setting the fabric while under a set constant rate of computer-controlled compression. We're also able to achieve certain types of hand with our sanforizer.
  • Shinger: Our shinger uses computer-controlled burners to shing off excess lint or control fluffy selvedges. It's also equipped with a brush to brush the pile of the fabric which, in conjunction with the turbang, produces a plush velvet-like hand that is especially suited to 100% cotton 3-by-1 twills, linen-basket weaves, and open weaves.
  • Coating Head: At Ultimate Textile we are able to coat poly urethane with latex. The coating or backing is applied using our MPE engineering coating head that can be set up to run either fabric over air or over knife, depending on individual needs. We also custom tint our latex coating to match the fabric's color, making the coating less noticeable.